Publication of results

1. Review of the valuation based on a detailed subject wise report of marks obtained only in ESE and in the Total (ESE+CIA) is done by the respective department HOD or by the HOD in-charge. The recommendations of the review committee are scrutinized by the Principal and COE and moderation if needed is done and resolution is passed.

2. The Passing Board is convened to pass the results and publish the End-Semester examinations results.

3. The results are uploaded in the college website

4. Gally sheets are distributed to all the departments.

Instruction regarding Revaluation of Answer scripts

1. All candidates undergoing the course of study under the current regulations are eligible to apply for Revaluation.

2. Students can apply for revaluation after the publications of result within 7 days.

3. Revaluation is done by another set of external examiners and the revalued marks are incorporated in the results of respective students.

4. The results of revaluation will be sent to the HOD of the concerned department.