Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration started its journey towards imparting a whole some management education in 1996 with an aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of the current corporate scene, to facilitate a future business career. With an objective of motivating and fascinating budding managers, the department has been involved in developing student centric course curriculum and industry based learning methodologies.

The pedagogy of the BBA program consist of lectures, Research Projects, case studies, seminars, workshops, management quiz, and other student centric activities. To update the knowledge and have a practical exposure of the industry that the department organizes seminars and industrial visits. The programme is designed to bridge the gap between conceptual learning and practical application to inculcate professional and managerial expertise.

This under-graduation course with well researched curriculum offers insight into every facet of management like Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accounting, Production Management, Banking theory and practice, Entrepreneurial Development etc. The syllabus has also taken into consideration the impact of Information Technology and the significance of the booming service industry.

The course is both a preparation for directly stepping into a high-profile job, as well as a prelude to a higher education in management.

·         Management – Developing the skill for managing the resources.

·         Moulding students to become good decision makers.

·         Motivating them to become an efficient administrator.

·         Inducing the importance of finance and teaching them the ways to manage it.

·         Computers- “The King of present Era”- Having a touch on it.

To provide leadership in management education by imparting quality and industry relevant knowledge through research.


To enhance into a pg department and become a research centre.

Staff Profile





No. of Years of service




Assistant Professor






Assistant Professor

Human Resource Management


Mrs.G.Sakunthla Devi



Assistant Professor





Assistant Professor

Human Resource Management




Assistant Professor




Programme-wise Student Teacher Ratio: 42:1



A  Project report not less than 50 pages will be submitted by each student.Each student will be assigned a topic in the beginning of the final year.

The areas covered are:

·         Finance

·         Banking

·         Financial Services.

·         Marketing

·         Human Resource Management

·         Production & Materials Management

·         Entrepreneurial Development.



Internship Programme


·         As a Part of the Academic Curriculum  students undergo internship programme for a period of 30 days at the end of  IV semester.

·         They would submit their Internship report with the details relating to the place of their internship and the nature of work they have done.

·         The students can choose Manufacturing company, Banks, Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions.

Association Activities   (Comfest)             

Name of the competition        -      Product packaging

No of colleges participated      -     More than 10 colleges


Placement Details

40 Students registered in placement cell and 100% got placed through campus recruitment.

Computing Skills

During the V semester students are assigned with computing skills on which they will choose the topic on their own and present the information or data’s collected using MS WORD,MS EXCEL,POWERPOINT .

Students Achievements


·         2014 October -NCC -  Inter Unit Camp Gold Medal In Drill ,

                                                 Gold Medal In Boat Pulling,

                         Gold Medal In Group Dance,

                         Silver Medal In Group Song.

·         2015 – All India NavSainik Camp Held AtKarwara Naval Base

Gold Medal In Boat Pulling.

Amutha Lakshmi

·         All India Vayu Sainik Camp (AIVSC) - Gold Medal in Firing.


·         All India National Integration Camp (AINIC) in Nagercoil -

    Won Third Prize in Group Song.

·         Participated  in March Past in Marina Republic Day Parade (MRDC) ,Chennai